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Letting go

We have become a society that loves to hold on to everything. Sickness, pain, depression, sorrow, fear, anxiety, guilt.

We can't seem to enjoy or be grateful for all the GOOD things that happen to us daily. The moment to moment blessings that we have every single minute of every single day. We can breathe, walk, enjoy sunshine, electrically controlled environments so we are comfortable all the time. Most of us have food on the table and roofs over our heads. Jobs, even if we don't like them. Hobbies and activities we are able to enjoy every day.

Instead, we choose to rant and rave at the powers that be (the universe, or God or whatever higher power you believe in). When things go wrong, get bad or tragedy strikes we are very quick to blame something outside of, or other than ourselves. Yet we then cling to whatever has happened and refuse to let IT go, Then we spin our emotional wheels in one spot, creating more and more of whatever it is we don't want. A vortex of negativ…

The Double "A's of Healing

Acknowledgement & Acceptance: both are crucial to healing.

When you first hear that you have a life-altering situation or life-threatening illness or injury - the last thing you want to do is acknowledge or accept the news. You meet the news with shock, anger and denial, even though, in some cases, at some level you already knew what the outcome was going to be. You get emotional. You start giving in to regret and guilt and the why me? Some people go through the blame game, some fall into deep depression and hopelessness. Some just stay mad.

Acknowledging and Accepting a situation or diagnosis does not mean giving in. They are part of the process. Moving forward through acknowledgement and acceptance can be some of the most empowering, important steps that you can take for yourself. 

Acknowledge the crisis. Acknowledge the full meaning of what you have been told. Ask questions, get information. Educate yourself on the diagnosis or situation and options. Be informed.

Accept the rea…

Energy & Nature

Energy & Nature. Two things we all have a connection to and yet so rarely pay attention to.

This past weekend I spent time visiting and working with friends. And for a couple of hours each day, we hiked, played with my dogs and theirs. And we laughed. And laughed. Something I haven't really done for quite a while.

Like most of us living in urban and suburban areas, I too, get so busy with 'life' that I sometimes forget about the simple and amazing energy of nature. I certainly haven't spent time outdoors as much as I would like. However, this weekend I had the opportunity to do so and had several really profound experiences. Starting with an almost complete unplugging from cell phones and the internet. I forgot my phone charger and where I was staying there was no wifi, so service was sporadic. Oh and my car died. Instead of panicking about what I was going to do, I took each moment as it came, got a lot of work done and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Each morning I…


A few years ago when I first began going to 'networking' meetings, I met people (including a few hypnotherapists), who came up with all sorts of interesting and creative ways to say what they do for a living. Very, very rarely  did anyone come out and say what it is they really did, unless they were accountants or lawyers.

I find it really quite sad that when asked, some people dodge giving a direct answer. And this is particularly true of hypnotherapists. In fact, recently, I met with one very well known hypnotherapist who even dodged giving me an answer about why she doesn't give a real answer. It seemed one step away from being deceptive and oh... I don't know... wrong somehow. To me, it feels as though the old snake oil salesman has just stepped into the room. And I struggle with this because I'm definitely proud of the hard work and studying I've done to become a Certified Hypnotherapist. To be able to use the skills I've acquired to help people make e…

Starting Over

Where do I begin?

How many of you have felt that way? Life changes. Constantly. Whether we want it to or not. Be it a separation, divorce, major illness, death, kids growing up and moving away, a job loss. There are as many reasons for changes to occur in life as there are people. It's how you deal with it that makes a difference.

Many people hit their late forties and begin to go through some version of this mid-life change. The kids are grown. the job is changing and we begin to realize that somewhere along the line we became stuck in ruts; the regular day in and day out of our lives.

Some people travel, some buy flashy vehicles, some do ... well something. But what if like me, you just get stuck and can't figure out what to do next. Don't know what you want to do when you grow up?

For me the change was a cancer diagnosis five and a half years ago. Suddenly I was thrust into the world of surgery, medical treatments and many, many complications. My very active and physica…

Inside Out

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take my young nieces to see the Disney movie Inside Out and I have to say that I thought that Disney's exploration into the emotions/parts of an 11 year old girls mind was brilliant. The simplified explanation of how our minds store information and also, how it dumps out 'old programming' was so easy to follow, that even my 8 year old niece understood it.

So, how you may wonder, does this even relate to this blog or what I do?

If you've seen the movie Inside Out, then you may have a clearer understanding when I say that in life, my job is to do the part that "Joy" did in the movie. My job as a Hypnotherapist is basically to help restore all the 'parts' of a clients' mind to working in harmony.

In Clinical Hypnosis we are taught a brilliantly simple and elegant therapy called "Parts Therapy."
Immediate and permanent change can occur when we open ourselves to the concept that our minds are compris…

So What IS Hypnotherapy?

First of all let me assure you that Clinical Hypnotherapy is NOT the ooey-gooey "I will control your mind" nonsense that Hollywood has portrayed for many years. Nor is it that guy making you dance around like a chicken at a stage show.

Well... no... let me correct that. Stage Hypnosis is real. It is an art all on its own and takes a lot of practice to finesse.

However, CLINICAL Hypnotherapy is an accepted form of client-driven therapy that has been backed by numerous studies and was recognized by the American Medical Association in the mid 1950's. Here in Canada, as with any "new" therapy or treatment, it took a lot longer to gain approval. It wasn't until 1996 that Clinical Hypnotherapy gained credibility with the Canadian Medical Association. It is one of the fastest growing and cutting edge therapies available to people. And that is because all hypnosis is Self-hypnosis.

Let me ask you: Have you ever zoned out in front of the TV, a movie or a book? Found…

Welcome to Triquetra Therapeutic Services!

I want to thank you for dropping by and hope that you will enjoy this blog.

My name is Laurie & I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

As you will eventually see, a lot of my posts will have pictures of paths and trees and I can't deny that I am a child of nature. I love being outdoors and just sitting quietly listening to the world around me. Throughout my life I've been drawn to paths; paved or dirt roads, barely there bush trails and footpaths, for no other reason than to see what is around the next corner.

As you join me on this journey, you will see postings about my thoughts or information on Hypnotherapy, because helping people to work through their health and life issues is what Triquetra Therapeutic is all about.

Posts will sometimes be clinical, sometimes personal and sometimes scientific in nature. I'll also share random positive affirmations. You'll also no doubt see pictures of my dogs from time to time because they are a big part of my connection …