Starting Over

Where do I begin?

How many of you have felt that way? Life changes. Constantly. Whether we want it to or not. Be it a separation, divorce, major illness, death, kids growing up and moving away, a job loss. There are as many reasons for changes to occur in life as there are people. It's how you deal with it that makes a difference.

Many people hit their late forties and begin to go through some version of this mid-life change. The kids are grown. the job is changing and we begin to realize that somewhere along the line we became stuck in ruts; the regular day in and day out of our lives.

Some people travel, some buy flashy vehicles, some do ... well something. But what if like me, you just get stuck and can't figure out what to do next. Don't know what you want to do when you grow up?

For me the change was a cancer diagnosis five and a half years ago. Suddenly I was thrust into the world of surgery, medical treatments and many, many complications. My very active and physical life as I knew it was over. I could not do the work that I loved anymore,  Now what was I going to do? I struggled for years trying to find the answer and it was this sense of despair and frustration that eventually led me to hypnosis. Wow! Was I ever surprised.

Hypnosis is an amazingly powerful tool that can help you sort out the root cause(s) of why you feel "stuck" and help you to re-frame and change those life blocks so you can move forward to find your path or direction; clarify or answer the questions you may be asking yourself.

The magic in all of this? Hypnosis is self-directed. A certified clinical hypnotherapist is there to be your guide and helps you find the solutions from within. No drugs, no pain, all natural. In most cases, clients feel immediate and permanent relief. Some issues may take a few sessions, Some people, like me find a new and exhilarating path in life.

So if you are feeling stuck or blocked or unsure in life, don't wait until you are desperate, give hypnosis a try. After all - all you have to lose is the block in your life.

Triquetra Therapeutic Services is located in Abbotsford and appointments are available. Please check our website for further information, email us at or call us at 778-809-0417 and free the power of your mind today!


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