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4 weeks in...

So it is four weeks in to the new year. How are YOUR resolutions working out?

Did you find yourself starting this year full of determination and resolve, only to discover that by now, week four, you've slipped back into old habits? That you quickly fell back into the same old patterns of eating, not exercising, going off the diet or still smoking? And maybe, in spite of all the positive affirmations you have started repeating to yourself, you just feel like  you are experiencing a negativity backlash? Frustrated at the lack of ability to change things in your life?

The reasons and excuses we make to self-sabotage ourselves are as infinite as the universe. Yet there is only one real reason why you are facing such difficulty. It is because your subconscious is still running old programs. The ones you have been running since you were a child. Until you are able to re-write those old thought and belief patterns, you will continue to face challenges on making the changes you want.


New Year, New Beginnings

While things were really busy leading up to the end of 2015, there is no sign of anything slowing down for 2016 - and that is a GOOD thing!

To begin with - I don't make resolution's.  I view every day as an opportunity to learn and grow and try something new. Doesn't necessarily mean that I do anything really differently every day, just that I am open to new thoughts, ideas, feelings or things. Sometimes new beginnings coincide with the beginning of a new year or a new month, or a new moon. Big or small doesn't matter, it needn't be something earth shattering. Just know it's different for all of us and whatever that 'new' is for you, embrace it.

My new this year is that I signed up for a workshop that concluded this weekend on an amazing process called PSYCH-K.

PSYCH-K was developed by a gentleman named Rob Williams and is fully supported by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world renowned cell biologist & author of "The Biology of Belief" and "T…