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Resisting the inner voice?

It is hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and it seems like it has been a year of whirlwind changes and experiences.

Over the spring I was working at trying to define and re-brand my business and kept meeting with a lot of internal resistance to doing so. About the time that I finally & reluctantly gave in to accept some of the changes that had been proposed - my world came to a crashing halt.

The fires of 2017 in the cariboo region of BC sent us (me & all my critters) into evacuation. We ended up back on the lower mainland because I had family to stay with, and a large stable was offered to board my horses and chickens at. We were safe. I will only say that the entire experience of having to evacuate my animals in the dark of night, travelling through the only open 'escape' route available to the entire town of 100 Mile House and an all night drive through smoke so thick it was at times hard to even see the road ahead - is not an experience I EVER want to go thro…

Happy- ness?

So much has recently been floating around the Internet in meme's and posts about happiness. Find your happiness, happiness equals success etc,etc, etc. 
So what is happy-ness?
How do you find it, where do you find it, what is it?

 The Miriam-Webster dictionary describes happiness: the state of being happy

In our society today there seems to be a disconnect around what happiness is and what it means. So many people seem to believe that it means you must be deliriously smiling and sunshine & roses ALL. THE. TIME.

Others seem to believe that it is something they only see on tv or the movies. 
That it is something everybody else experiences. 
believe that the more they buy, drink, eat, smoke or exercise they will find it.

Quite often when we substitute substances or things, we are running from the deepest truth inside: none of us feels like we are happy enough, successful enough, worthy enough of being happy. So we hide from ourselves, lie to ourselves, bury our feelings and wish for the …

Why do I believe so strongly in what I do?

Because I know that the therapies I am certified in work.  I know this because I too have struggled with health, weight, confidence, stress, self-esteem and PTSD. I’ve been bullied, teased, tormented and underestimated since childhood. I’ve felt that I was never good enough, smart enough, strong enough. I’ve been the square peg trying to fit into the round hole all my life. I’ve suffered through cancer surgery and treatment and side-effects from medication even worse than what it was supposed to help with.
Then I found the healing arts: Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy & somatic exercises. And I finally felt that I had discovered something amazing & was drawn to putting them all in to practice. I now combine these therapies with the healing energy of animals all in a natural environment.
I’ve studied, I’ve practiced, I’ve come out of living in fear and anger, of constantly apologizing for being me. I live in gratitude for every precious moment and it isn’t an ooey-gooey, new age t…