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The Best Laid Plans..

I was going to video this entry today - but mother nature has seen fit to send us beautful blue skies and a howling wind from the northwest. It is so loud that I can barely hear  myself think - never mind trying to record anything :)

Anyway - In April, we relocated to an amazingly quiet property north of Prince George. We are now on a 1200 acre ranch and we are all loving the peace & quiet. No noise - other than nature. The robins start at 4am, followed by sand hill cranes and a flock of swallows that have been busily trying to build nests on the house. My roosters also start carrying on around 4:30 and then we can randomly hear coyotes, woodpeckers and all sorts of critters. My commute to my new office in town is approximately 40 minutes and I am fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of work from home now too. Most of that work so far has been getting the horses and chickens settled in, gardening, and maintenance around the yard. As I continue to heal from my own health journey…