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Energy & Nature

Energy & Nature. Two things we all have a connection to and yet so rarely pay attention to.

This past weekend I spent time visiting and working with friends. And for a couple of hours each day, we hiked, played with my dogs and theirs. And we laughed. And laughed. Something I haven't really done for quite a while.

Like most of us living in urban and suburban areas, I too, get so busy with 'life' that I sometimes forget about the simple and amazing energy of nature. I certainly haven't spent time outdoors as much as I would like. However, this weekend I had the opportunity to do so and had several really profound experiences. Starting with an almost complete unplugging from cell phones and the internet. I forgot my phone charger and where I was staying there was no wifi, so service was sporadic. Oh and my car died. Instead of panicking about what I was going to do, I took each moment as it came, got a lot of work done and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Each morning I…