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Why is my approach to therapy different ?

Because it is not simply learned from some dry textbook of case studies. I don’t just talk the talk, I have actually walked the walk.
I grew up in a chaotic home and in later years my dad became a deputy sheriff. I was in my teens and able to witness first-hand what a toll that took on my very empathetic and kind father. I watched and listened to my dad and his close work buddies & family friends as they tried to work through the stresses of their day to day work. I am/was related to or friends with several police officers. I was married briefly to a deputy sheriff and was witness to how he and his fellow officers dealt with their work related stresses.
I had a step-grandfather that was non-verbal most of the time from his undiagnosed PTSD after he was in the Korean war. Among other things he scared the shit out of me just by being in the room. Even at a very young age I recognized that something was very wrong, although I had no idea what. I suffered prolonged bullying througho…