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Costs of our Therapies & Programs vs Others

I am often asked what the cost of our programs is and usually upon hearing the rate people are surprised. However, if you compare our per session & package rates with other therapies:
Massage Therapy $90 - $110 per hour Chiropractic: $75- $120 per hour Other alternative practices $100 – 200 per 60 minutes Clinical Counselling (Psychology) $230+ per hour Triquetra: $150 per session (average session is 90 minutes) IF a session goes longer I do not simply cut you off and say well pick up next time. Chances are if a session is shorter one visit the next one will be longer.
So that being said, the basis of this article will only compare the costs of diet programs:
Costs of our therapies vs diet programs
All diet programs work to some degree or another depending on how strong your determination/willpower/reasons are to follow through. However the ONE thing that none of them do is to actually address the UNDERLYING reasons for your continued inability to lose and permanently keep the …