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Happy- ness?

So much has recently been floating around the Internet in meme's and posts about happiness. Find your happiness, happiness equals success etc,etc, etc. 
So what is happy-ness?
How do you find it, where do you find it, what is it?

 The Miriam-Webster dictionary describes happiness: the state of being happy

In our society today there seems to be a disconnect around what happiness is and what it means. So many people seem to believe that it means you must be deliriously smiling and sunshine & roses ALL. THE. TIME.

Others seem to believe that it is something they only see on tv or the movies. 
That it is something everybody else experiences. 
believe that the more they buy, drink, eat, smoke or exercise they will find it.

Quite often when we substitute substances or things, we are running from the deepest truth inside: none of us feels like we are happy enough, successful enough, worthy enough of being happy. So we hide from ourselves, lie to ourselves, bury our feelings and wish for the …