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Why is my approach to therapy different ?

Because it is not simply learned from some dry textbook of case studies. I don’t just talk the talk, I have actually walked the walk.
I grew up in a chaotic home and in later years my dad became a deputy sheriff. I was in my teens and able to witness first-hand what a toll that took on my very empathetic and kind father. I watched and listened to my dad and his close work buddies & family friends as they tried to work through the stresses of their day to day work. I am/was related to or friends with several police officers. I was married briefly to a deputy sheriff and was witness to how he and his fellow officers dealt with their work related stresses.
I had a step-grandfather that was non-verbal most of the time from his undiagnosed PTSD after he was in the Korean war. Among other things he scared the shit out of me just by being in the room. Even at a very young age I recognized that something was very wrong, although I had no idea what. I suffered prolonged bullying througho…

Early July updates


Costs of our Therapies & Programs vs Others

I am often asked what the cost of our programs is and usually upon hearing the rate people are surprised. However, if you compare our per session & package rates with other therapies:
Massage Therapy $90 - $110 per hour Chiropractic: $75- $120 per hour Other alternative practices $100 – 200 per 60 minutes Clinical Counselling (Psychology) $230+ per hour Triquetra: $150 per session (average session is 90 minutes) IF a session goes longer I do not simply cut you off and say well pick up next time. Chances are if a session is shorter one visit the next one will be longer.
So that being said, the basis of this article will only compare the costs of diet programs:
Costs of our therapies vs diet programs
All diet programs work to some degree or another depending on how strong your determination/willpower/reasons are to follow through. However the ONE thing that none of them do is to actually address the UNDERLYING reasons for your continued inability to lose and permanently keep the …

The Best Laid Plans..

I was going to video this entry today - but mother nature has seen fit to send us beautful blue skies and a howling wind from the northwest. It is so loud that I can barely hear  myself think - never mind trying to record anything :)

Anyway - In April, we relocated to an amazingly quiet property north of Prince George. We are now on a 1200 acre ranch and we are all loving the peace & quiet. No noise - other than nature. The robins start at 4am, followed by sand hill cranes and a flock of swallows that have been busily trying to build nests on the house. My roosters also start carrying on around 4:30 and then we can randomly hear coyotes, woodpeckers and all sorts of critters. My commute to my new office in town is approximately 40 minutes and I am fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of work from home now too. Most of that work so far has been getting the horses and chickens settled in, gardening, and maintenance around the yard. As I continue to heal from my own health journey…