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Letting go

We have become a society that loves to hold on to everything. Sickness, pain, depression, sorrow, fear, anxiety, guilt.

We can't seem to enjoy or be grateful for all the GOOD things that happen to us daily. The moment to moment blessings that we have every single minute of every single day. We can breathe, walk, enjoy sunshine, electrically controlled environments so we are comfortable all the time. Most of us have food on the table and roofs over our heads. Jobs, even if we don't like them. Hobbies and activities we are able to enjoy every day.

Instead, we choose to rant and rave at the powers that be (the universe, or God or whatever higher power you believe in). When things go wrong, get bad or tragedy strikes we are very quick to blame something outside of, or other than ourselves. Yet we then cling to whatever has happened and refuse to let IT go, Then we spin our emotional wheels in one spot, creating more and more of whatever it is we don't want. A vortex of negativ…

The Double "A's of Healing

Acknowledgement & Acceptance: both are crucial to healing.

When you first hear that you have a life-altering situation or life-threatening illness or injury - the last thing you want to do is acknowledge or accept the news. You meet the news with shock, anger and denial, even though, in some cases, at some level you already knew what the outcome was going to be. You get emotional. You start giving in to regret and guilt and the why me? Some people go through the blame game, some fall into deep depression and hopelessness. Some just stay mad.

Acknowledging and Accepting a situation or diagnosis does not mean giving in. They are part of the process. Moving forward through acknowledgement and acceptance can be some of the most empowering, important steps that you can take for yourself. 

Acknowledge the crisis. Acknowledge the full meaning of what you have been told. Ask questions, get information. Educate yourself on the diagnosis or situation and options. Be informed.

Accept the rea…