Energy & Nature

Energy & Nature. Two things we all have a connection to and yet so rarely pay attention to.

This past weekend I spent time visiting and working with friends. And for a couple of hours each day, we hiked, played with my dogs and theirs. And we laughed. And laughed. Something I haven't really done for quite a while.

Like most of us living in urban and suburban areas, I too, get so busy with 'life' that I sometimes forget about the simple and amazing energy of nature. I certainly haven't spent time outdoors as much as I would like. However, this weekend I had the opportunity to do so and had several really profound experiences. Starting with an almost complete unplugging from cell phones and the internet. I forgot my phone charger and where I was staying there was no wifi, so service was sporadic. Oh and my car died. Instead of panicking about what I was going to do, I took each moment as it came, got a lot of work done and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Each morning I took my dogs for long hikes in the hills and played with them at the river. Every night I went with my friend to help her with her horse chores. Which consisted of me hanging out and watching her two horses and donkey as she fed them and cleaned up their corral. While she did so, I leaned on the fence, rubbed horsey and donkey ears, listened to and felt the warm summer wind blowing through the pines and watched dogs running into and playing in the lake.

So what was so interesting or profound in that? Silence. The absolute absence of our 21st century noise. No cars. No TV's. No radios. Just nature in all her amazing abundance. I could feel the energy transferring from the earth radiating through me. I breathed in clean, clear mountain air and felt tension I wasn't even aware of gently and easily slipping through me and away. Through these moments of just 'being' in the present and taking the time to breathe and enjoy the simple beauty around me, I came home feeling more at peace and calmer than I have been in a very long time. It was a magical experience and the weekend was filled with many of these moments of magic.

My point? It isn't new age malarkey. All the self-help, new age, meditation sites continuously say "Go outside and connect with the earth". They aren't wrong. We should all be getting outside, standing on the ground, leaning on a tree and soaking in the incredibly revitalizing energy of our planet. Maybe if we all did this even for a short period of time each day, we could all re-charge and help create a saner, quieter & calmer environment for all.

We all need to unplug and recharge and take moments each day to experience and express our gratitude for the abundance, beauty and energy that surrounds us. Because we all need to tune in to the nature and energy around us. To get back to a balance and in harmony with nature and our selves.


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