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The Continuous Journey

As part of my own journey to be the best version of myself I can be - I face the same challenges that many of my clients face. Although I have done a lot of my own self work - and encourage my clients to do the same,  I too often forget that life is a continuous journey. I get caught up in the same vortex of "I'm not ready," " I' need to do/learn more" and even the classic,"I'm not good enough" as most of you do.
I tend to forge that like most people on this amazing journey, I too have many layers of  "shiz"(my teenage niece's favorite word for shit) to get through. Sometimes, things that I thought I had cleared away a few years ago - have revisited me in another way.., just to give me the kick in the pants that I need to actually do something to move forward.

Recently I was challenged by my mentor & guru to take some time to reflect upon and the write down all the things that have changed for me in the last 2 years. The exe…

Resistance Is Futile!

Yes I did say that!

We are all such creatures of habit that any appearance of change in our lives promotes an immediate and visceral gut feeling of NO! And we resist. And resist, and resist, until finally we are forced to accept whatever change happens. Whether it is a job loss or transfer, the breakdown of a relationship or even just finding a sign of aging - CHANGE is inevitable.

In my line of work, people often call and ask about the therapies I offer and some will actually come for a session. Some will say it was awesome and some I never hear from again. Or I hear that it didn't work.

News flash folks - to affect change in your life you MUST BE WILLING to change. You must be willing to accept that CHANGE is a natural progression.

Sometimes changes happen in our lives that make the inner child jump up and down and scream or cry, "I don't wanna!"  And I can admit, without shame, that my inner child has ranted & railed on more than one occasion in my life. And i…

Autumn reflections

In all honesty, as I spend more and more time outdoors with my animals, doing daily cleanup chores and generally getting things ready for winter, I find myself doing a lot of reflecting.

I never quite understood why my horsey friends used to say they loved spending time cleaning up their pens. After having our two beautiful boys join us about six months ago, I find the lure of being around them very soothing. I can be out in the paddock in the lousiest of weather and find I can smile at whatever they may be doing.

Neither boy is too fond of the hose being turned on to fill the trough and don't like to be bothered when eating. While I push the wheelbarrow around to collect their manure, one or both will come up to investigate and have a 'cuddle'. Floyd, our big paint gelding tends to be the more curious of the two and will quite often come up and snuffle me, nibble at my jacket sleeve or will just hang his head over my shoulder to have his chin and throat stroked. Quite of…