The Double "A's of Healing

Acknowledgement & Acceptance: both are crucial to healing.

When you first hear that you have a life-altering situation or life-threatening illness or injury - the last thing you want to do is acknowledge or accept the news. You meet the news with shock, anger and denial, even though, in some cases, at some level you already knew what the outcome was going to be. You get emotional. You start giving in to regret and guilt and the why me? Some people go through the blame game, some fall into deep depression and hopelessness. Some just stay mad.

Acknowledging and Accepting a situation or diagnosis does not mean giving in. They are part of the process. Moving forward through acknowledgement and acceptance can be some of the most empowering, important steps that you can take for yourself. 

Acknowledge the crisis. Acknowledge the full meaning of what you have been told. Ask questions, get information. Educate yourself on the diagnosis or situation and options. Be informed.

Accept the reality of the situation, accept the role that you may have played to get to this point. Accept that it is what it is and move forward. Get rid of harsh judgements about yourself. Make informed decisions, work with your health care team and do your part in healing.

None of this is easy.

Acknowledgment and acceptance take a lot of work. Talk to your Family Doctor, Counsellor, Alternative/Holistic Health Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Social Worker or a local support group. Know that you are not alone.


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