Resistance Is Futile!

Yes I did say that!

We are all such creatures of habit that any appearance of change in our lives promotes an immediate and visceral gut feeling of NO! And we resist. And resist, and resist, until finally we are forced to accept whatever change happens. Whether it is a job loss or transfer, the breakdown of a relationship or even just finding a sign of aging - CHANGE is inevitable.

In my line of work, people often call and ask about the therapies I offer and some will actually come for a session. Some will say it was awesome and some I never hear from again. Or I hear that it didn't work.

News flash folks - to affect change in your life you MUST BE WILLING to change. You must be willing to accept that CHANGE is a natural progression.

Sometimes changes happen in our lives that make the inner child jump up and down and scream or cry, "I don't wanna!"  And I can admit, without shame, that my inner child has ranted & railed on more than one occasion in my life. And it didn't make the changes go away. Nor did it help me adjust to the changes.

Sometimes change is devastating. Sometimes, though, change is beautiful. It may take us a while to see the beauty or purpose behind the changes that occur in our lives, but eventually change is always revealed as necessary and beneficial.

Sometimes, resisting the change out of fear or sheer stubbornness can cause physical and or emotional pain, can cause us to get stuck in unhealthy mental patterns. Sometimes the change causes us great emotional pain because of something we have either witnessed or been a part of (such as an accident or traumatic experience) and we get stuck.

So how do we accept change?

You can either deal with it by accepting and moving forward gracefully (rarely my first choice!), or you can resist and make yourself ill, which leads to doctors and medication. Or you can ask for help and explore the underlying reasons you are so adamantly opposed to change through one of the amazing holistic therapies I offer.

Looking deeply into ourselves for answers and solutions is something every one of us resists. Until we realize that in order to move forward, in order to evolve, to become fully aware, we need to stop resisting and listen to our inner wisdom.

Resistance is Futile.


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