Happy- ness?

So much has recently been floating around the Internet in meme's and posts about happiness. Find your happiness, happiness equals success etc,etc, etc. 
So what is happy-ness?
How do you find it, where do you find it, what is it?

 The Miriam-Webster dictionary describes happiness: the state of being happy

In our society today there seems to be a disconnect around what happiness is and what it means. So many people seem to believe that it means you must be deliriously smiling and sunshine & roses ALL. THE. TIME.

Others seem to believe that it is something they only see on tv or the movies. 
That it is something everybody else experiences. 
believe that the more they buy, drink, eat, smoke or exercise they will find it.

Quite often when we substitute substances or things, we are running from the deepest truth inside: none of us feels like we are happy enough, successful enough, worthy enough of being happy. So we hide from ourselves, lie to ourselves, bury our feelings and wish for the long dreamed of day that happy-ness will be ours. 

I believe that happy-ness begins inside of us. It is found in the calm, quiet, peaceful little moments that occur everyday, when we stop and take a deep breath and notice the magic around us. It is found when we stop listening to all the negative, sad and bad things that go on around us or in our thoughts daily. It is in the beauty of the sunrise, the cheerful sound of birds as they herald in the day. The sound of children playing and laughing. It is found watching the in-the-moment grin on a dogs face as it runs around a yard or park, puppies or kittens playing. A fresh breeze or the smell of fresh cut grass after a spring shower.

In our society's rush to gain all the "make my life easier" toys and gadgets, we have lost our connection with our natural state. In our "Keeping up with the Joneses" materialistic mentality, we've lost site of our compassion and our connection to community.

People bury their emotions, their feelings of guilt, fear, lack of self confidence until it becomes a race to outrun themselves, rather than face and work through it. As they race and run farther and farther from themselves, their feelings transform into anxiety, anger and self-hatred. And so the cycle begins, they've jumped on the hampster wheel and can't see a way out, except by self medicating or other self-destructive behaviours.  It is easier to drink, or smoke or exercise to an adrenaline high than to do some self reflection and work to heal themselves. This becomes apparent by the number of self-help books, seminars & webinars, medically prescribed drugs and high activity extreme sports that offer an out to solve all their problems or issues. All of these have validity to a degree. But the missing piece to the equation is to be able and willing to do your own deep transformative work. Research and find a holistic therapist or coach that you feel comfortable working with. Don't be afraid to try any or all of the "holistic" or "alternative" therapies that are available. You may be surprised at the results.

So - where do you start? 
Instead of looking for all the negatives and bad things around you, make a conscious effort to start noticing the little, simple, natural things. Notice your language when you are talking first of all to yourself, then to others. How many times in a day do you call yourself dumb or stupid? How many times a day do you simply "try", how many times do you say yes... but...

Happiness starts with the simple things. For instance - sitting quietly, unplugging all your electronics for a time. Taking a walk in a park or along a beach, sitting under a tree and simply breathing & noticing what is going on around you, a long soak in a bath cuddling with your child, spouse or pet. A smile to or from a stranger as you pass on the street. Kindness and a smile cost nothing but can mean so much. Notice the shift in yourself when someone randomly smiles at you. It instantly causes a shift, no matter how fleeting. 

The expression of Happy-ness comes in many forms. Mine started when I began to notice the quiet. Then I began to do the deep healing work that has become a life-long study in finding me and becoming the best me I can be. Don't get me wrong - it isn't all sunshine & roses. But I am far more happy than I was even a few years ago. I am calmer, more at deep peace within, content and oh my goodness - HAPPY!

So if you are searching for help to make the changes you want to make in life - reach out, call someone. You'll be amazed at how easy it really is.

I, for one am here to help. Let's begin an amazing journey into HAPPY-NESS together. 


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