Costs of our Therapies & Programs vs Others

I am often asked what the cost of our programs is and usually upon hearing the rate people are surprised. However, if you compare our per session & package rates with other therapies:

Massage Therapy $90 - $110 per hour
Chiropractic: $75- $120 per hour
Other alternative practices $100 – 200 per 60 minutes
Clinical Counselling (Psychology) $230+ per hour
Triquetra: $150 per session (average session is 90 minutes) IF a session goes longer I do not simply cut you off and say well pick up next time. Chances are if a session is shorter one visit the next one will be longer.

So that being said, the basis of this article will only compare the costs of diet programs:

Costs of our therapies vs diet programs

All diet programs work to some degree or another depending on how strong your determination/willpower/reasons are to follow through. However the ONE thing that none of them do is to actually address the UNDERLYING reasons for your continued inability to lose and permanently keep the weight off.

Our reasons for unhealthy behaviours (food/alcohol/drugs) usually begin as a process to protect us from something. The behaviour/addiction allows for comfort only when engaging in the behaviour. Then we emotionally beat ourselves up and feel guilt & shame because we are unable to stop whatever the behaviour is – so the habit continues, no matter how many programs and dollars we spend to ‘get over it’.

Like an onion – our habits/addictions are built up in layers. And unless you are willing to take out the microscope and truly examine, understand & correct the reasons, you will never be successful in the long term. Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you identify, understand and CHANGE the reasons WHY you are unable to make the changes you want.

Compare the cost of our program to ones that require you to purchase their food, supplements etc as well as the cost of supplying your own produce & meat.

Popular diets/programs:
Gastric Band surgery - $5,000 - 25,000
Ideal Protein: $500 per month plus cost of your own meat & veggies
Dr Bernstein diet – $600 per month
Jenny Craig - $280 - $680 per month (plus the cost of your own foods)
Nutrisystem $239=289 per month  (plus the costs of your own foods)
e-diets: $139 per week (food delivery plan)
The Biggest Loser Meal Plan - $153.65 per week
The Zone Diet - $90 per week plus cost of your own food
Atkins: $100.52 per week
Weight Watchers $96.64 per week average food & program cost

For example:
Ideal Protein weight loss program: let’s say for a 50 pound loss:  at 2 pounds per week average = 25 weeks x $90 = $2250 and does not include your own produce & meat.

All of these programs work and depending on your will power will allow you to keep the weight off after you have attained your goal. However, all diets are designed to produce a deficit in calories and are not meant to be followed for life. They don’t for the most part offer anything other than the physical loss of fat/muscle/weight and do not help you to change the emotional/mental component of WHY you gain/ retain excess weight.

Our Winning ME Back program: $1300 for 10 sessions over 3 months. Successfully changes the deep seated beliefs you have and facilitates your ability to change your life permanently.
The Virtual Gastric Band – (stand-alone 4 sessions) $495 has an 85% success rate.

So it really depends on YOU. Do you want relatively short-term results with likelihood of regaining the weight or relapsing or do you want to free yourself for life of whatever is driving a habit or issue.

Because I understand the difficulty some people experience in paying for health services not covered by most insurance plans, I do offer discounted package specials & payment plans. Call me today at 250-617-5717 to get started on making the permanent changes you desire.

You CAN life an extraordinary life!


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