A few words on a personal note

My journey back to health has been interesting and diversified. 

Just about four years ago I went through breast reconstruction  in Vancouver. Six months after the reconstruction I underwent the first of what would be three breast reduction surgeries. I was also being followed by the hematology clinic in Vancouver, to keep an eye on what had become my new normal in very low platelets and blood counts. Several appointments and tests later, I was told that I now had a condition that would eventually lead to the need of a bone marrow transplant. I'd be very susceptible to infections and bla bla bla. 

Everything in me screamed "NO!" After all the surgeries and medications and complications I had endured during my battle with cancer, I was bound and determined that there was no way I was going to be sick or succumb to anything else. I'd been called a warrior, a trooper and a hero all throughout my varied treatments and knew at some deep level that my body just needed to rest and heal. After all, I'd gone through two mastectomies, six months of chemotherapy & associated complications, a hysterectomy, major bilateral tram flap reconstructions and one reduction all in 3 years. At some point my body just needed a break. I just needed to heal, physically, mentally and emotionally.

So why am I sharing this now? I recently had blood work done and just received my results and every single one is well within the normal realm. Right smack dab in the middle of healthy levels. Except for triglycerides which are a little high – but that can be corrected with diet & more exercise. 

Why is this important? It's important because while I know that holistic therapies like Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, TRE and PSYCH-K are powerful – this for me – is measurable PROOF.

And how do I know? I started working with an amazing massage therapist, tried acupuncture (wasn't for me) and then Reiki, which is an ancient energy healing modality. The results were so subtle and gentle and I found such amazing relief from pain, that I studied and certified to become a level two practitioner. Then came TRE - Trauma Releasing Exercises which were incredible in helping to release tension and scar tissue and then came Hypnotherapy.

Today, I work daily with hypnotherapy, guided meditations or Reiki for myself, intermittently with TRE, and intersperse that with PSYCH-K balances. I've worked hard at eliminating the toxic things in my environment including food and people. I'm working with an amazing healer, friend and mentor, as I work though other health related issues that I can't quite do all by myself. I continue to have regular massage therapy sessions and get outside with my animals as often as time and weather allow. I am continually exploring different methods of healing, not only for my healing and health, but so I can help my clients on their journey.

I've learned that healing covers all aspects of our lives: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Gratitude, prayer, self-help therapy and a good dose of nature to commune with are a large part of my daily practice. I'm not perfect, I struggle daily just like everyone else. I get cranky, feel crappy, have bitchy moments and as I get older, deal with varying degrees of joint pain. But most of all I am learning to accept and honor my feelings and to live in the now. I'm learning & practicing strategies to deal with my new reality and the physical limitations I now have. I am a work in progress. I am living proof that holistic healing works.

How does it get better than this?


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