By this point in my life I shouldn't find myself surprised at the twists, turns and changes that seem to occur at a rapid and seemingly random pace.

Yet I am.

The past few months have seen many changes and I am finally and very happily announcing that we are in our new location and ready to hit the ground running on our new project. Well, actually an old project revisited.

The project, my "Animal Assisted Wellness" is where I/we work with clients with trauma or just life issues that need help getting back to life. Combining aspects of living rurally with animals and the holistic therapies I practice, with other health practitioners, clients are able to heal at their own pace, while being in a completely safe and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Finally, at the beginning of this month, we found our new home. A nice little 10 acre property between the little burb of Lone Butte and the town of 100 Mile House. Over the past couple of weeks THE MOVE was on. I spent an entire week painting the house before we moved any furniture in, then came the basics and then the horses and house animals.

No - wait - what? Horses? Well yes, literally putting the horse before the cart, we acquired two wonderful geldings in mid May, even before we had a permanent place to live. As part of the ongoing evolution of my business, I began working with my new horse as part of MY equine assisted therapy.
In just a few short sessions, I've moved through my absolute fear of being around horses, to actually handling both of our horses daily. Admittedly, I still have along way to go before I am out riding any trails or helping to round up any cattle, but I have an awesome horse, and a wonderfully experienced trainer to guide us through the bonding and working partnership we need to have.

How does this translate to the project? I have to learn the full equine piece to be able to safely offer it to clients, but just being around these amazing animals can help bring all sorts of things to the surface. For a client who has suffered trauma or is in a highly anxious or depressed state, the healing energy these animals share can help a person relearn how to communicate and trust another being.

Being in a peaceful, rural setting allows our clients the opportunity to reconnect with nature and themselves. Working through the modalities I offer, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Psych-K or somatic exercises gives clients the opportunity and tools to help make real changes at the subconscious level.
Profound. Real. Effective. Change.

For more information on our therapies and programs, contact me today.


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