Resisting the inner voice?

It is hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and it seems like it has been a year of whirlwind changes and experiences.

Over the spring I was working at trying to define and re-brand my business and kept meeting with a lot of internal resistance to doing so. About the time that I finally & reluctantly gave in to accept some of the changes that had been proposed - my world came to a crashing halt.

The fires of 2017 in the cariboo region of BC sent us (me & all my critters) into evacuation. We ended up back on the lower mainland because I had family to stay with, and a large stable was offered to board my horses and chickens at. We were safe. I will only say that the entire experience of having to evacuate my animals in the dark of night, travelling through the only open 'escape' route available to the entire town of 100 Mile House and an all night drive through smoke so thick it was at times hard to even see the road ahead - is not an experience I EVER want to go through again. I am not ashamed to say that I dissolved into tears when I finally got safely to my sister's. I waited with great hope and a lot of anxiety to hear when we could return home, if we could return home and what I expected to be a short couple of weeks away turned into a three month endurance test.

This led to a lot of soul searching and a lot more of my own deeper inner work. I can't say it often enough to my clients - you need to do your own inner work! As a result of all of this 'away' time a lot of things became much clearer and directions & decisions were made from a place of peace. Once I gave in and 'let go' of a few things - unexpected opportunities arose. As much as we loved our home in Lone Butte and loved the area, business was just not happening for me at all and we started to look at options for relocating - yet again. That's when opportunities started popping up all over.

So we are now very happily settled in to our new home, a really nice 130 acre ranch, just fifteen minutes from the interior city of Prince George, BC. The ranch needs a lot of TLC and we managed to get a decent start on it this fall. Come the spring there are a lot of big changes to be made on the ranch, re-fencing and reworking the hay fields, major barn cleaning and with a bit of luck - plans for setting up an amazing space for our clients to spend time in. My dreams of getting a therapy ranch set up are finally coming to fruition. The horses and chickens are very happy in their new space, the dogs & cat have settled in happily and we are working on some amazing new projects for our clients.

I have discovered over the years that even though I really dislike change, I need to listen to the subtle messages that are sent my way - and that change is inevitable. I quite often have family & friends saying that they just wish I could 'settle'. I have learned that just settling  would have deprived me of some amazing and profound experiences that have ultimately led me to exactly where I need to be.

The lesson in all of this is that we all need ot let go of 'ego' and listen to our deeper inner knowledge, be brave in following a dream and be open to opportunity.

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