The Best Laid Plans..

I was going to video this entry today - but mother nature has seen fit to send us beautful blue skies and a howling wind from the northwest. It is so loud that I can barely hear  myself think - never mind trying to record anything :)

Anyway - In April, we relocated to an amazingly quiet property north of Prince George. We are now on a 1200 acre ranch and we are all loving the peace & quiet. No noise - other than nature. The robins start at 4am, followed by sand hill cranes and a flock of swallows that have been busily trying to build nests on the house. My roosters also start carrying on around 4:30 and then we can randomly hear coyotes, woodpeckers and all sorts of critters. My commute to my new office in town is approximately 40 minutes and I am fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of work from home now too. Most of that work so far has been getting the horses and chickens settled in, gardening, and maintenance around the yard. As I continue to heal from my own health journey, I find that more and more each day I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do since my  diagnosis 9 years ago. I still have to be careful about lifting and doing stuff with power tools because the vibrations cause lymphedema swelling in my body. But I've managed to start using my chainsaw, the hedge trimmer, lawn mower and garden tractor again with no ill effects. I even managed to shovel out a truck load of soil for my garden areas. So while that may not be a big deal for some - for me that has been a HUGE win!

So life goes on and we are settling in to this amazing piece of paradise. I've said it before - if we open up to possibilities and positivity and get our egos out of the way - miracles do happen.

The chicken coop - almost a half acre of fenced in forage

            The pastures

Now - I mention the following because traumas affect all of us in one way or another. As a healer, I need to do my own work too. Because I would be no good to any of my clients if I haven't done my own deep work. We are all works in progress.

Over the past weekend I began to hear reports of wildfires starting up again not too far from the devastating ones that affected so many of us last summer in the cariboo. As I read the reports and saw video all the anxiety, fear and frustration I experienced last year came rushing to the fore. Imagine my surprise - after I thought I had done all the clearing I needed to do - to discover that my hands and body were shaking, my breathing rapid  and my heart racing. Dread filled me and sat shaking for a few minutes as I processed this new information. I was worried for my friends who still live in the area and reached out to let a few of them know we would always have space for them if they needed to get out again.

So, you see, even if you think you've done everything you can to heal and "get over it" you can sometimes be blindsided by something that triggers the emotions all over again. However, you can  recognize it and follow a program to help move through it. I am eternally grateful that I have the powerful tools in my toolbox that I do, to help me when I need it. And I am humbled and honored to be able to offer these amazingly powerful tools to help anyone who is ready to reach out and want the help.

If you are feeling the residual effects from the wildfires of last year,  or just in dealing with life in general and are ready to make change - call me. Together we CAN work this out and free you of trapped emotions.

email me at: our website: or call 250-617-5717


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